Over the course of his life–growing up in Pennsylvania, as a student in Cleveland, New Haven, and New York, and as a professional musician traversing many continents–American violinist Nicholas DiEugenio is guided by a firm conviction that music is a central experience in the expression of humanity. Having attended countless live performances of his friends and mentors, he has been fortunate to repeatedly experience the power of the transcendent moment through music, and pursues artistic projects with the aim to create and partake of this shared live experience within a community of listeners.

Whether performing in a middle school in North Dakota, a farmhouse in France, a concert hall in New York, a bar in Brooklyn, or a church in Germany, he has discovered that music must be allowed to find a natural context for meaning. He strives to create and participate in musical programs that invite and challenge the listener all at once. Seeking to traverse stereotypical boundaries between the “modern” and “baroque” sensibilities, he performs on various instruments in various states of historical undress, always searching–not so much for how music may have sounded–but more for what music may have meant at its birth, and for what it might mean now. This pursuit informs and suffuses his musical goals as a player, teacher, collaborator, recording artist, writer, and listener.

He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, pianist Mimi Solomon, and their dog Tengo the Plott Hound.